AC4CA - Konkrete2

Julianne Clifford
Daniel Göttin
John Nixon
Helen Smith
Alex Spremberg
David Tremlett
Jan van de Ploeg
Jurek Wybraniec

7 May - 28 May 2011


Exhibition of artworks and prints by artists from the
Australian Centre for Concrete Art

Goddard de Fiddes is proud to host the second exhibition of artists from the Australian Centre for Concrete Art (AC4CA). The exhibition Konkrete2 runs 7 - 28 May and surveys works by local artists Alex Spremberg, Jurek Wybraniec, Helen Smith, Julianne Clifford and David Tremlett (UK), Jan van der Ploeg (The Netherlands), Daniel Gottin (Switzerland) and John Nixon (Melbourne). The exhibition also includes the release of the 2nd limited edition portfolio of prints by these artists from the AC4CA who have made wall paintings between 2006 and 2011. Designs for eight wall paintings are reproduced in the prints. The AC4CA is an international organization that makes large wall paintings mainly in Fremantle and is part of the world-wide network of artists and organizations. The AC4CA was established in 2002 in Fremantle, with the view to promote large wall works by local and international artists in the public domain. Since that time the AC4CA has made 15 walls and plans to complete another 3 walls this year.