George Egerton-Warburton

22 June - 23 June 2013


Sight Glove Mildew is a series of paintings of this. Did you see this, hear this, smell
this? This as an event and this as an algal bloom. You might have seen it, and you
might not have. The truth is that you will never really know, which is bad for the same
reason that it is good, and sad for the same reason that it can fill oneself with joy.
Each painting explores the attenpt and subsequent obliteration of any correct way of
rendering and remembering this, and the notion of binary this’s withholds us from
exploring the full potential of this.Physically the demolition of imagining this is made
in oil, resin, and aerosol on canvas. The abstract paintings combinehard-edged
block shapes with tonal shifts and textural depth. There are some hints of figuration,
suggestive of thetime Egerton-Warburton spent in residence at the British School of
Rome in early 2012, where he began the paintings.Alongside the various this, is a
sculpture that explores the awkward moral balance in nature. Resembling a
modernistmobile, the sculpture is a physical incarnation of the structuralist film.
Finally, there will be screenings of some recent videos, which Egerton-Warburton
has made according to the Oulipian strategy of producing one single-shot video per