Angela Brennan - New Works

Angela Brennan

1 April - 21 April 2011

'To whom the silver-footed goddess replied'

APRIL 1 - 30  (closed over Easter) 
Angela Brennan has worked across genres including abstraction, still-life and portraiture for many years, and has exhibited widely in Australia and overseas.
A consistent manner and vision characterizes Brennan's oeuvre. Her current exhibition, To whom the silver-footed goddess replied, combines landscape with figures. Brennan's saturated intensity of colour, fluid brush strokes and deft line create an imaginary version of an ancient past.
These paintings are rich with reminders of classical Greece and Rome. Homer's Iliad provides the titles for some of the paintings but no categorical narrative is played out; rather particular objects that happen to take the artist's fancy are presented. Things such as temples, statuary, vessels and animals appear repeatedly in settings that are not actual but instead daydreamed.
Angela Brennan has a pre-occupation with the temple as a central motif. Its intrinsic geometry functions as an abstract device. Like the depicted temples, the paintings are decomposing into abstract form, somewhere between subject and materiality.