David Brazier

3 October - 12 October 2014


We are pleased to present the latest series of bronze sculptures by David Brazier. Tacit

Agreements has emerged through Brazier’s close involvement with the bronze casting

process. They imply a form of tacit knowledge, an intimate relationship between materiality

and craftsmanship, a haptic skill honed over time. Rather than complying with the highly

traditional craft of bronze casting, Brazier’s interest lies in using his knowledge to challenge

processes, discover mistakes and push materials to a limit where aesthetic transformations

take place.

Tacit Agreements explores the relationship between bronze and wax within the lost-wax

casting process. The works create a double reading about the negation of the objects’

existence, both within the process of lost wax production and through the illusionary voids

created on their reflective convex surfaces.

The autonomous forms paradoxically encompass their heteronomous dimensions. While

viewing the works we only understand the shape of the objects by deciphering the reflections

of their surrounds. They become as much about their context as they are about themselves.

The viewer is no longer a passive spectator but an active participant within the work’s

creation. Their movement within the space and their proximity to the objects determine the

forms the works take.

Convex mirrors have been used throughout history ranging from the Chinese Magic Mirror

of the Han dynasty to the Claude Glass, a reflective device used by picturesque painters.

What we are reminded of while viewing Brazier’s reflective bronzes is that today our gaze

has become mediated more than ever before and the results are as seductive as they are


The works will be shown over two weekends or by appointment.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12 – 5pm October 3rd, 4th and 5th and Friday, Saturday, Sunday

12 – 5pm October 10th, 11th, 12th

Please contact for details.