Adam Derums - a remote dawn and Book Launch

5 August - 27 August 2011

For the past twenty years Adam Derums has made artworks that question what is beauty and how do we experience it. This new exhibition of large abstract paintings emphasises his love of beauty and are in themselves very beautiful. Derums has become well known nationally for his mature paintings that continue to present unmitigated beauty in the hope of them giving pleasure and the space for contemplation. Each painting takes years to make using a painstaking method of layering and layering of marks or drips.

The exhibition coincides with the launch of a book on Derums' art. A Remote Dawn is a fully illustrated account of Derums' work from the past two decades with essays by Julian Goddard, Tony Godfrey, Ric Spencer and a forward by Donal Fitzpatrick. These essays locate Derums' work in several contexts but all referring to Derums' aspirations for beauty and aesthetic pleasure. One of only a handful of monographs on local contemporary artists - the book is an opportunity to read about and to understand Derums' beauty project as related by three esteemed contemporary art writers.